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When a medical emergency arises, we can provide swift access to the care you need with our world-class emergency transport services. When you need transport from a far-away medical facility for recovery closer to home, our Fly-U-Home coverage guarantees that everything is taken care of. And not only do we help safeguard your health, but we also protect your finances; members never pay a dime out-of-pocket when transported by an AMCN provider. Enjoy peace of mind for as little as $99 a year, or $79 a year for seniors. We also offer business plans. Join our over 3 million members today.

Greetings! I’m Paul Brian, your dedicated AirMedCare Network representative, and I’m on a mission to safeguard your peace of mind. I love living in the mountains and protecting you and your loved ones. By becoming a part of our membership, you’re not only safeguarding lives but also securing your financial future. I’m committed to providing you and your family with the ultimate safety net. While I sincerely hope you never require the services of a medical helicopter, it’s crucial to understand the potential costs involved. Many insurance plans cover only a fraction of helicopter expenses, leaving you with a staggering bill that could reach tens of thousands of dollars. With us, there’s no need to worry – if you’re ever picked up by one of our network helicopters, you will have zero out of pocket expense. Rest easy knowing that every member of your household is covered under our comprehensive plan. I’m here to address any inquiries you may have and to help you get started on your journey towards financial peace of mind. Don’t hesitate; reach out to me today. Let’s ensure the safety and financial security of your family. Give me a call or email to embark on this important journey together.

We provide payroll deduct options for businesses and love HOAs!

Paul Brian

Membership Sales Manager

Phone: 423.579.6434

Email: paul.brian@gmr.net https://www.amcnrep.com/msm/paul-brian


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