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About Us

Daymark® Recovery Services, Inc. is a mission driven, comprehensive community provider of culturally sensitive mental health and substance abuse services. The Daymark® goal is for skilled medical and behavioral healthcare professionals to support citizens of all ages and their families with the greatest opportunity for recovery, independence and the highest quality of life. We are committed to using the most current best practices and effective, research-based treatment programs to assist all citizens working toward achieving optimum health and recovery.

Daymark provides a number of resources and services for those seeking treatment of a mental illness or substance abuse. Some services are unique to different facilities. Please have a look through the services provided by Daymark and the centers or counties where they are provided. We have also provided an extensive resource list for local organizations or external services that are available to our patients or others seeking assistance.
Areas Served

Daymark now serves 28 counties across the state of North Carolina.