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The High Country Caregivers supports families in which grandparents (and other relatives) are raising their grandchildren. Their mission is to provide advocacy, support, and education for kinship caregivers and their families. They hold a monthly Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) meeting the last Tuesday of the month at the Crossnore Baptist Church at 4:30 (fun activities for youth and dinner are provided.) This is the heart of the program where field trips for youth are planned, needs are discussed, and resources accessed. High Country Caregivers affirms that resiliency is developed through relationships. As kinship families connect with others in the same situation, an authentic and menaningful community of support is forged. High Country Caregivers runs a nature adventure program for teens, organizes monthly field trips, pays for legal fees, and helps families meet their needs to forge a positive and healthy trajectory for youth.

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