Linville Golf Club



About Us

Boasting a heritage that spans generations, ours is the oldest private mountain community in Linville. We play golf, swim, fish, dine, and breathe in the magnificent natural beauty here--surrounded by family, friends, and High Country hospitality.

The heart of this community, our championship golf course is a Donald Ross original. What's so special about playing a classic? Quite simply, they don't make 'em like this anymore: handcrafted with mule-and-pan grading along the land's original contours.

Since 1924, the beautifully conditioned fairways and small, challenging greens of this 18-hole treasure have pulled generations of golfers to the High Country. Take it all in: the meandering creek, the breathtaking mountain backdrop, and of course, the Par 4 third hole—ranked one of golf's 100 greatest. We have to admit, it's pretty nice living next to a legend.