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Dr. Kelly McLaurin, a Boone native, discovered chiropractic after a horrible motorcycle accident that left her with several broken bones in her spine. After months of traditional medical care without improvement, a friend stepped in and took her to a chiropractor. Her life has not been the same since. Wanting to help others who suffered from back pain she left her job as a pharmacy technician to become a massage therapist. After several years of serving the high country through massage therapy, Kelly knew she was called to help more people in a different way.

The primary techniques we use in the office are SOT and Activator.

Scaro-Occipital Technique or SOT is a gentle technique developed by Major Bertand Dejarnette an engineer, osteopath, and chiropractor in the 1920’s. SOT uses several indicators found by the chiropractor through analysis of the patient body. For example a tight muscle band on the knee may indicate that there needs to be an adjustment done to the pelvis. By looking at the body as a whole and making corrections to balance the patients nervous system, we can help your body heal itself.

Activator technique also known as Activator methods is an adjusting method using a low force instrument to address the subluxations that your chiropractor finds through a specific method of analysis. This low force instrument like the one pictured to the right is the most used adjusting instrument worldwide.


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