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At Sky House, we specialize in technically ambitious, architecturally driven projects that other builders often shy away from. We are trusted by discerning customers because we understand that their vision, no matter how challenging, takes priority over all other considerations. We collaborate thoughtfully with customers, architects, interior designers, and other professionals to bring each project together according to each customer’s wishes. We also give good advice, sometimes recommending changes and shaping ideas in ways that will improve an already noteworthy concept.

Homebuilding is a complex process, and we are always refining and improving on that process. Completing a building or renovation project on time and on budget only scratches at the surface of customer satisfaction. At Sky House we go the extra mile in many ways. For example, on renovation projects we employ careful measures to protect the home from damage and debris during construction. Our employees and subcontractors respect the fact that you must live in the same place that we work, and they will conduct themselves professionally, always with your best interests in mind. Many of our customers are second home owners, and are not able to see the progress of their projects. For this reason, we provide regular updates on every job, including daily job site photos, viewable on any mobile platform. You will have the ability to monitor your project from anywhere you please.


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