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Sweetwater Ranch & Vinyard

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The Ranch is focused on raising Elk to eventually release into the wild of our N C Mtns .....this will take some time to build the herd to the size that we can release a male & two females old enough to reproduce . Elk ''birth'' one baby / yr and so far we have had 3 years of all males . They are nice to look at , with their huge antlers , but useless in growing a herd . Both our females are about to give birth in June , so hoping for female babies . when we do ''release '' those Elk , there will be no profit as we will be giving the Elk to the State of N C .
In order to help defer our costs of operation , we have planted both a white & red Vineyard , as well several thousand Christmas trees & are currently applying for an ABC lic. Hopefully this will allow us to hold several events a year to raise money and offset our costs of raising the Elk .

We need farm hands as well as help with social media

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