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THRIVE Appalachia

THRIVE Appalachia



About Us

Thrive Appalachia prepares teens for lives of self-sufficiency and prosperity by providing opportunities, connections and hands-on learning experiences for youth within a welcoming community of support. Youth learn marketable skills in classes every week, afterschool and in summer, March through November. These classes help teens identify career paths. We then match teens with apprenticeships, help them start their own businesses, create group social entrepreneurship projects, and take teens on field trips to colleges.

History: Thrive Appalachia was founded in February 2023 to address poverty as an efficient strategy to a complex series of community challenges. Once poverty is addressed, so many of the fires that low-resourced families face are overcome: They can pay for healthy food, safe housing, reliable transportation, and quality care for their children. Our youth choose what we teach and then we help them transition to becoming both self-sufficient adults as well as deeply connected to a warm and supportive community.

Mission: Thrive Appalachia creates connections, opportunities and hands-on learning experiences for youth who would benefit from a welcoming community of support.


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