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Volunteer Avery County finds resources to aid families and individuals that do not qualify for public assistance and fall through the cracks. The past year VAC was able to serve the following number of people in need Food-359; Fuel-359; Assistance with Housing- 327; Medical Needs-96; Transportation-77; Clothing-122; Total number of clients served by VAC 1365.
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About 23 percent of our Avery County Population lives in poverty. While there are other human services and organization or service agency is able to provide the needs of this 23 percent. We do screen our clients to make sure we help the neediest. Our target population is any low-income resident of Avery County, because the very young and very old and more likely to live in poverty. VAC serves a large portion of clients in these groups. however, the inability of our clients to cover expenses is the primary consideration for providing service. Sometimes a situation just does not fit with any finding criteria, and that is where VAC's flexibility is a great help. We do not accept any Federal or State funds, because we would not be allowed to spend it on those who need it most. All money comes from full and part-time residents, churches, organizations, clubs, and other caring people of Avery County.

The other side of the services provided by VAC is matching of volunteers with opportunities to help in the community. Individuals and groups are linked to service projects or volunteer positions that interest them and meet the need of an individual, family or a community.


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